Celebrate your terroir and showcase your soil as a unique work of art. Soil monoliths literally capture the components of soil in its natural state. Soil structure, porosity, rocks, roots, and vertical diversity are displayed in various genetic layers. Because each monolith is extracted from its natural location, no two are alike. To create your unique soil monolith, please contact us for details.

How it is done:

  • A soil pit is dug in your vineyard, revealing the vertical soil profile
  • A frame is then pressed into the face of the soil profile
  • The soil-filled frame is secured, removed and taken to a workshop for hardening
  • The hardened soil profile is mounted onto tempered glass for display

What it does:

  • Shows a 3-D replica of your unique vineyard soil
  • Reveals the spectacular beauty of nature's art
  • Educates staff and visitors about what makes your vineyard soil special
  • Provides a unique decorative item for tasting rooms or personal art collections
  • Creates an enduring natural monument of your land