Vineyard Soil Technologies will maintain the confidentiality of all contacts and reports.  Client names and report contents are not discussed with anyone other than the client without the expressed or written consent of the client.  Reports on real estate in escrow are provided to the client for distribution as they chose.

All project data and reports are archived annually, but can be made available to the original client upon request.

Project reports do have value, and occasionally Vineyard Soil Technologies will get called by someone inquiring about a report.  Under these circumstances, our policy is to say we can neither confirm nor deny that we have worked on that property or with that client. We will then call the original client and let them know that someone is interested in their report.  If the client is willing, we will then call back the inquisitor to determine if they would like to be contacted by the original client.  If yes, we will provide the inquisitors contact information to the client to allow them to negotiate the report and its price.